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Lean on God with all your heart and not your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5-6

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Guided Journal, In Turbulent Times

A guided journal sharing my personal life events and life lessons. The book includes mindfulness ideas and inspirational quotes. You will start your own journal knowing you are not alone and supported as you explore your inner self. The book is a great tool to manage stress, shift your mental health, and allow you to process your thoughts.

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Gratitude Journal

30-day self-guided journal that will allow you to document what you are thankful for in life. This self-guided teaches you how to slow down and discover more about yourself. If you are recovering from a trauma or just simply have a hard time in life, this journal is for you. When you ground yourself, you are able to move past the pain. When you focus on the present, you are able to see the potential in your circumstances. At its core, gratitude is the simple act of appreciating the good things in our lives. When we take the time to focus on the positive, it can shift our perspective and help us feel more optimistic, resilient, and fulfilled.

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Activity Book for Stress Relief

Have fun and relax with unique pattern coloring pages, puzzles, and mindfulness activities! This workbook promotes self-healing through our stress relieving activities. Our activity book is an incredible collection of relaxing and easy-to-color patterns. Enjoy the simple beauty of flowers, elegant patterns, fun geometric shapes, animals, and much more!

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Etsy - Graceful Goods

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My love for God and family are my highest priorities. But not too far behind…follows my passion for writing, coffee, books, and anything that is chocolate. 

My life has been filled with ups and downs. Instead of focusing on my struggles, I used these experiences to fuel my writing. I want to help anyone else who feels alone.
  • Houston, Texas, United States